November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving is meant to celebrate our friendship with the Native Americans, and to be thankful for whatever we have. Back then, they were thankful for the help received and to be alive (because of the Natives). They were all buddy-buddy then, but a week later the killing began. To put it in less gruesome terms, I'll speak of them in metaphors, or I'll compare them to someone/thing that we are all familiar with.

The Pilgrims are the (girl) cheerleaders. Finals and report cards are coming, and they need help so that can stay on the cheer squad with at least a C average.

The Native Americans are the (guy) nerds. The cheerleaders put on their best smile and worked the charm for them. They got the Nerds to do their extra credit and tutor them in math and science for nothing in return.

The Cheerleaders then noticed that it must be fishy to the smart Nerds that they spend so much time together, and yet are never invited to hang out. So, they put together a nice little party. There were the Cheerleaders, the Nerds, and some others. The party's theme?: (Thanks For Being Our) Best Friends Forever! The Nerds were so happy. At first, they thought them to be conniving, deceitful, wicked air-heads. The Nerds were glad that they got to know them better and find that that was not the case.

Next week, when report cards had been handed out, and finals were done with, the Nerds came to sit at the Cheerleaders' table. They were, of course, rejected verbally. Thinking that they needed some space or were just PMSing, they left, stung. This happened time after time, until finally, gym came.

Ah, dodge ball. What a murderous sport. The Nerds were pained [physically] horribly. Most lost all hope in the Cheerleaders, believing them cruel chicks who were using them the whole while. Others remained merely wary.

The final blow came. The basketball game. The Cheerleaders were there. They hung the Nerds from/in the basketball hoops and others jeered. The Cheerleaders had tortured the Nerds into eternal embarrassment and had taken over the place where Nerds had previously been normal high schoolers.

Story over.

Now, should we really celebrate the Cheerleaders' cruel ploy? Look, I love turkey and Black Friday Sales as much as the next day, but is it really ethical?


Anonymous said...

That's funny and true!

Sepideh Karma said...

oh my god, nadia!! whats wrong with you?! although, it was very funny!!

Chrissy said...

it is so true!