January 26, 2011

Boys Must Be Freezing

Ok, so you know how girls have long hair? Well, in summer our hair makes us too hot, so we put it up, and then we feel cooler. Does this mean that all boys' heads/necks are colder than the heads/necks of girls? Are they just freezing all the time?

Humans are mammals. Mammals have fur. Fur keeps you warm. Fur is hair. Hair keeps you warm. Girls have more head hair to warm their heads and necks. Girls' heads/necks are warmer than guys'. My transitive property-based logic is fool proof.

Could super-cold heads lead to less productive brains? Wait, no, I don't think so. By that logic, hippies would be geniuses, and so would people with crazy extensions, and we all know about them.

I asked my guy friend if his head and neck are colder than the average head and neck of a girl. All I got was a, "What?" That just means that neck/head coldness is their weakness, therefore must be a protected secret.

Also, readers, I've just found a perfect present for every guy with normal hair: a scarf. They aren't blessed with the natural scarves we have, so they will always need scarves!

Your Insightful Blogger,

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