January 09, 2011

Standing Up For Ponytails

Go to your wallet. Take out a quarter. Look at it. No, not the eagle, the other side! What's on it? A guy. No one really knows who he is, but he's a guy. An important guy. He at least resembles important guys from the late 1700s. And do you see what's on his head? Yes, that's right--a ponytail.

Mr. Quarter, the revered Mr. Quarter has a PONYTAIL. How is it that Mr. Quarter may rock a ponytail on the quarters in our pockets, but Mr. Person may not wear a ponytail without facing powerful stigma? It. Is. Wrong. I say that if one may do it on official American currency, then we should respect it in public on Mr. Person. Mr. Quarter is NOT above the social law! However, he is on the quarter, so it would be hard to change that, so let's change social law.

Wait a sec, doesn't that break some law, or ethical thing? You know, changing the law to fit someone, instead of someone changing to fit the law?

Ok, then, social law revision: All men wearing ponytails must be shown contempt.

Wait, does that mean I have to change the name of this post? Nah, I'm lazy.

Ok, off to do homework!

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