January 13, 2011

Diary of a Freshman: Oh, Gym Class

Yes, it's that time of year. The time of year for the class that incites fear in the hearts of millions. Well, at least to half the freshman class.

Ding ding ding! We've got a winner! You're right, it's Gym!

"No one said anything. And even if they did, they would have already seen it on the title of this blog. Also, this isn't a game show," says that annoying, ever-present reader.

We should give you a name. How about Illogical?

"Well that makes no sense, since I'm the personification of the logic which thwarts the ideology of your strange--some would argue disturbed--child-like thoughts."



Moving on! You se--Whoa, wait a sec! My computer is doing that thing where the cursor disappears and I can't tell where I'm typing! I love it when this happens! YES!--You see, I had my first real-ish gym class today, and because this is Diary of a Freshman, I felt that I should inform.

So today the agenda was taking a survey to help with a university study going on at the university across the street that Crimson High works with a lot. After that, we got our lockers, but we weren't required to dress out.

About that; a lot of people were quietly voicing thoughts like, "I don't want to have to change in front of the other girls." I'm telling you, I feel for ya'/them, but once you realize that EVERYONE feels kinda like that, it's suddenly not such a big deal. Everybody is self-conscious. Seriously. Today we had to check out out BMIs and see how much of us is fat, and this stick thin pretty girl was feeling self-conscious because she didn't have curves. See? Evidence that everyone is self-conscious and we therefore have nothing to feel self-conscious about! It's like multiplying negative integers. One person's negative thought X Other person's negative thought = Positive Self-Esteem. I like math. :D

About the Body Fat Index thing, I have a 21.4 BMI, which is perfectly healthy weight, but a 30.7% body fat index. You know why? Because I'm a GIRL. Keep the fact that girls have extra fat because we have boobs and butts in mind when doing this, and it becomes a rather irrelevant number.

We also checked out weights. DO NOT fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. It just sucks. Also, if anything, it's the BMI that matters. Another thing: If you at least act like you don't really care about what the gym's scale says, but act confident nonetheless, then NO ONE ELSE WILL CARE. True stuff.

Most Gym classes will require sweatpants or shorts, and a school t-shirt. NEVER forget socks and shoes, because it is not fun.

Pray you don't get the perv teacher.

Very Important: Do not lose your locker combination or forget which one is your locker. You will die. Write it down everywhere! Sticky notes, your phone, your shoes, anywhere! Also, if you have a good friend in that class whose style is not stealing your things and has an awesome memory, then tell him/her your combination, too. In my class, I am that friend. I currently have one extra rattling around in my head. By the way, when you shake your head around, can you feel your brain hitting the inside walls of your head? I can.

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