December 03, 2008

Easy Foods

I said, "Easy as lemons," today, and my friend was like, "What's that?" Of course, it's a phrase. She had never heard it used and didn't think it was a phrase. We got into a big fight about foods that can be used in that phrase. So that got me thinking: What foods are easy?

Yet, that is not the question. The real question is: How do you classify "easy?"

Well, there's a series of ways to classify it. Here are the ones I've thought of so far.

1. You could say that if they're easy to eat, they're easy foods. In this case, lemons would not be in the "easy" ranks. Instead, the easy foods would be cheese and waffles.

2. Or you could classify it by how easy it goes through your digestive system, in which case cheese would not make the cut (Ba dum bam!). What would make the cut would be oats and...Lactaid or something.

3. Another possible way to classify would be by how easy it is to burn off the calories gained from the food. In this case, celery would be the easiest food ever! People would be saying, "Easy as celery," like there was no tomorrow. But, in case people didn't like that--though they would have no reason not to--the back-up food is watermelon.

4. Or is it ranked by how easy it is to make yourself eat it? Like, would you really eat a banana when there's a banana pie right next to it? In this case, pie would be an easy food. Hm..."Easy as pie..." Nah, that sounds weird. Who would ever say "Easy as pie?!" I think "Easy as ice cream" is ultimately better.

5. Maybe it's based on how easy it is to say. In this situation, zucchini simply cannot win. Neither can tomato, or potato. Spaghetti just automatically loses. The best ones I can think of are kiwis and bread.

6. The Last. In this scenario, the question is "How easy is it to make?" In which case, spaghetti wins, rather than getting automatically disqualified. Or it may be, easy mac. "Easy as easy mac." That might work.

I, personally, am endeavored of, "Easy as waffles." You? What's your favorite rule? phrase? What other phrase did I exclude? Anything else? To voice your opinion, leave a comment!


BookSnob said...

Grapefruit, you forgot grapefruit (you burn more calories eating it then it has within)
Great post, I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future.

Chrissy said...

Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Guess what, I have been eating apples all my life and I think they are defective! Anywyas, good post I look forward to reading more too!