December 24, 2008

My Question For Maureen

Today, my family and I watched Mama Mia, and my mom is a big ABBA fan, and my dad just likes to sing during musicals. So, I was in the kitchen, and my parents and an aunt of mine came upstairs singing Dancing Queen. I asked them to stop.

They sang louder.

I begged them to stop the audio terrorism.

It wouldn't end.

So I went over to Maureen Johnson's blog, and she's doing this Live Blog thing, where she takes questions from the comments and gives a funny answer. Well, I posted one. I was the 60th or so to post. Look what I saw on her blog 10 minutes later:


Nadia Murti said...
What should one do when confronted by loud parents who refuse to stop singing ABBA? When these parents cannot sing?


My question was chosen! Isn't that so cool!!! (I know, I'm a nerd.)


Dahlia said...

It's always cool to have authors answer your questions, no matter what they're about. I plan to ask a few questions about writing at the Something Rotten discussion.

Dame Orchid said...

I think it's great when authors answer their readers questions. Plus it's a great way to connect with their readers.

BookSnob said...

COOL!!!!! That is so cool. Do you have any books of her's to sugjest?

Sorry I haven't commented in a while, my dad just wiped our computer clean, and now everything is gone. My writing (all of it, no hard copys made), my web sites that I book marked, my photos, all gone. Ugh.

I'm wishing you a late merry Christmas and a happy next year.

Dahlia said...

BookSnob: I recommend memory sticks for anything you plan on writing on the computer. I use them for all my books so I don't lose them. Good thing too, because the desktop computer is all wonked out right now and might die.

My deepest condolences for your lost writing.

BookSnob said...

Thanks Dahlia, I aprecaite the advice.
I hope your computer doesn't die, that's totally annoying.