December 30, 2008

New Years Resolutions

At the start of every year, we're all pressured into having New Year's Resolutions that we all know we won't keep or remember.

I wonder who came up with New Year's Resolutions to begin with. I say it was some teacher with no life who wanted to keep kids "working towards a goal," or some rubbish like that.

Maybe it was created by some old-time person who thought that the world would blow up (or something along those apocalyptic lines) at the end of the year, so when it didn't, he thought it a miracle. He then decided to be a better person, since God saved him. (Of course, he forgot all about the resolutions made and was struck deceased in March. R.I.P.)

Another Theory (according to Goals Guy): The mythical King Janus of Rome in 153 B.C.E. was on the head of the calender for the beginning of the year. Two of his heads, actually. One looking forward--to the future--, and the other, backward--to the past. I suppose they took from this that they should hopefully make the future better than the past, one step at a time.

Ridiculous! The first two are much more probable.

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Okay, back to our topic.

I mean, what kind of weirdo would believe THAT?! It's obviously created by a Roman mythology nerd who was trying to prove to someone that he isn't a geek because the cheerleaders' favorite thing about New Years is the resolution, so if the Romans invented it, then the geek will be less of a geek for being interested by them. Or so he thinks.

Well, wherever it's from, it's merely a recipe for disappointment. I remember my five NYRs from January 1st, 2008. I didn't succeed with any, and I am ashamed of myself.

Although, like always, I'll be pressured into having a resolution, and I will go through the entire process once more. So I don't think I'll try to fight it at all.

'Til next time (which should be on January 10th), au revoir, children.


Dahlia said...

I've gotten an early start on my NYR's. I spent almost all of today looking for literary agents online. I wrote a post about it, which was quite lengthy. I think I'll save you the trouble of possibly reading all about it twice and end this comment... now. :)

Dame Orchid said...

My theory is if I don't make a New Years Resolution, Then I can't break it.
My New Years Resolution this year is not to make a New Years Resolution (at all).

Nadia Murti said...

Dame Orchid: Well that's not contradictory OR confusing in the least! Ha ha.

I actually got pressured into having a NYR. Five of them, actually.