December 10, 2008

People Particles

I'm learned about the exact science of dissolving. I feel that it is much like people, in a certain scenario. Let me paint you a picture.....on a computer......with a blog......which isn't painting....nor would it be a picture.... Oh, whatever! You know what I mean!

Alright, so the new kids (the solute (A.K.A. the solid)) are dropped into the school, which is filled with so many people who all are of the same kind (the solvent(A.K.A. the liquid)).

The old kids* are all apart of groups, or cliques. The pound at and cluster and pester the new kids**. Finally, the clique/group sucks them in.

The group's girls surround the new kid, so they're the only one the new kid can see. The Clique Girls influence her, because their values and attitudes are the only ones she can see. Then again, what does it matter that they specifically are the only ones to be seen when every Group Girl is exactly the same, no matter the group?

After some time, the new kid, or the solute, is one of them. (S)He is one of them. They are Group Girls/Guys. (Groupies?)

You no longer see the new kid.

The solute is gone.

Metaphor partially over!

Isn't that just like human behavior? Our minds are clouded with characteristics and traits of a certain person, whether it's a friend or boy or whatever, and we end up losing ourselves. And like dissolving, the only way to find yourself is if the solvent/person disappears.

"Disappears?" a reader says. "The solvent doesn't disappear! It just evaporates."

The new kid must make the old kids disappear by causing themselves to no longer care for their opinions. (Or they have to kill 'em, either way works.)

"Yeah," my obnoxious reader says, trying to poke holes in my well-written and thought-out stories and comparisons, "but since it only evaporates; it could come back."

That's the sad thing. It comes back. But you can no longer be harmed by them, you see. Your experience has taught you a lesson, and now while you can physically mix with them, you won't dissolve. You are a new product.

My reader says, "Well, but--."

"SHUT. UP. You little--."

Let's keep this blog PG, now, Nadia, advises the dumb little voice in my head.

I listened to Gregor (the voice in my head) this time, Reader, but I'm still watching you.

Okey-Dokey, hope that helps with your next Science test! Or psychology....whichever.

*I love a good oxymoron.

**That's redundant.

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BookSnob said...

That is so true. You have no idea how hard it is to be you after relocating so many times. You just end up thinking "Okay, maybe if I act like them, they won't hurt me. Maybe if I get a new Prada handbag, Or listen to Beyonce, Or proclaim that John Parker Wilson is cute, then they won't hurt me." But it is never true. You just melt away and still get hurt.