December 20, 2008

Mini-Blog: Gallagher Girls 3-First Chapter!

OK, I was at Books-A-Million today, and they ALREADY HAVE Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy in paperback, so I was (probably) the first person to read the first chapter of Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover! (Not including publishers and editors and stuff.) I don't even know why they had it three days early, but thank God they did. The first chapter is AWESOME! I love Macey! She is the second ultimate Gallagher Girl. Bex is first. She has nearly everything it takes to be a Gallagher Girl! (Hmm, I think that'll be a blog entry. "What It Takes To Be A Gallagher Girl." Watch out for it.)

Tell me if I should tell you about it.


BookSnob said...

Ah! Your leaving this up to me is agony! I'm so torn.
I love that series, but hearing about it six months early might be harder. But hey, only six months right? Then again... Ugh! I'm so torn. You'd better not, I'll wait the six months. It can't be that long, can it?

Dahlia said...

Ooh, so jealous! I'm dying to read the first chapter of DJG, but I think I'll get the CMH paperback at Barnes & Nobles so I can get the bonus material too.

Dame Orchid said...

You are soooo lucky. I already own both of the hardback versions, so I won't be getting the paperback. *sad*

BookSnob said...

P.S. Thanks for asking for opinions, I really appreciate that.