December 01, 2008

Snowy Stories

I told an online friend that I would write a little winter-time story for her. How would one go about doing that? I'm not very familiar with "winter fever" or whatever it's called. I mean, I'm very familiar with the "winter cold fever," but not the spirit, cheeriness, mood, or any other silly little phrase like that. Here is what I have so far: there's a party that Ally is not supposed to be at, because her parents told her not to go. She gets snowed in.

That's it. What are the characteristics of a good winter story? Um...friendship? That can be worked in... Ugh, I have a real urge to make this an action, adventure, horror, fantasy, but anything but a fuzzy winter story.

I know what you're going to say, so don't say it! (Especially you, Chrissy/Vampire Girl.) Don't say that if I don't feel it, that I shouldn't write it. I want it to be a fuzzy winter story, and I want to write it. It's just hard. I have practice with making it lovey or gruesome. I need to learn how to make it...snowy. Yeah, that's the word. But the powdery kind of snow. None of that frozen crust stuff.

Sorry, I'm making no sense.

LEAVE COMMENTS with help in them! (Movies to get into the winter "spirit" are helpful.)

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