December 22, 2008

Where Do The Socks Go?

A constant question to my brain. There are so many places they could've gone! They could have left to the secret town of LostSockaton, or their sanctuary, the incredible under-the-dryer, or they might have dissolved!!! Actually, that dissolving theory would make a lot of sense...except, I don't think cotton or spandex or whatever crazy material they're made of is dissolvable.

That's it! The thing it's made of! It can't have gone under the dryer, because it would need either a) a secret back-door, or b) a large crack. LostSockaton is in Lesotho (a country in Africa) (I know! That's the genius: no one would look there!), and you can imagine how hard it would be for a sock to get onto a plane to Africa unnoticed. I mean, don't you think people would get a little suspicious if random lone socks were in their suitcases? (Ha ha.)

But Well, according to my research on Wikipedia, socks can be made from any of these: cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, olefin (sounds like a name for an elf!), polypropylene (weirdest word ever!), and SPANDEX!!

Now, which of these is dissovlable? Since I'm too lazy to actually research, and I know that if I do, I'll have no explanation for where the socks go, because science will get in the way, I'm going to have to use my intuition on this.

Well, spandex definitely won't dissolve. Have you felt it? You can't break those strings apart from each other.

Polypropylene can dissolve, from the sounds of the word, but it would take years. So, unless you wash your polypropoleen socks for years at a time, it's not the answer to our little mystery.

Olefin, I'm guessing, won't dissolve.

Polyester can't be dissolved, but can be destroyed. It can be destroyed by the water weakening the strings and pull them apart. Other than that, polyester is not the answer.

Acrylic is also a kind of paint, and paintings can be destroyed by water. Possibly even dissolved by it. So yes, acrylic socks can be dissolved. So if you have any acrylic socks, then I suggest you don't wash them, rather than take a chance having them dissolve.

Nylon: No way! Only light can destroy nylon! (Just don't even ask how I came to the conclusion. It was just the sound of the word, and when I heard it, it sounded like something that glowed in the dark.)

Wool is a definite possibility, but if it dissolves, that means that the fur on sheep dissolve in the rain.

Cotton does dissolve in water, while in its simplist form.

So there you have it. THAT is where your socks go. I don't know what you'll do with this information, but I am going to stop washing my socks altogether. And I'll never move to Lesotho.


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Dahlia said...

When my socks disappear it's probably just because my sister stole them. >:|
But that still leaves the question of what happened to my sister's socks that made her need to steal mine?