December 14, 2008

Mismatch Day

Ah, mismatch day. It's torture to me, but a great good thrill to all those geeks out there. Finally! they think A day where we're normal! A day where we look just like everybody else.

I think Mismatch Day is either a day where we want to do one of the following:

A) Be just like the dweebs out there since we're just so sympathetic.

B) Make fun of nerds of the world, in which case it's very mean and stupid. Stupid, because since it's nerds of the world, they will build bombs and weapons of pain to torture all who celebrate. Since it's mean, and it destroys the already-crumbling self-esteem of those pitiful
beings, it really should have been stopped years ago.

C) We want to be like them, because they are so cool, they're uncool. It's like when you get the mega-high-score on a game, it takes you back to zero, and you're like, "NOOOOOOOO!!" Then you kill yourself because you're a failure at life. Then of course the video game company shuts down. People lose money from the falling stocks. Better to not play at all, methinks.

D) We're all nerds on the inside, and this day is meant to let it shine bright. Shine, inner nerd child thing!!

I'm SO weird!! Okay, bye bye now, kids.


BookSnob said...

You can't be any weirder than I am, I think nerds are hot (especially computer guys :)

Nadia Murti said...

Some kinds of nerds can be hot. But I'm talking about the not-hot socially-challenged kinds. Not a pretty picture.

BookSnob said...

True, you're totally right.