May 17, 2009

About The Character

I found this cool Q&A for my character over at Dahlia's blog.

Have fun!

Basic Info (for characters)
Name: Zac Sharpe
Genre: General Fiction
Author (screen name, please): Nadia Murti
Author's blog (optional):

For Characters

1. If you could put yourself in any other story, what would it be???
A James Bond one, maybe. Or in "Push." The movie sucked, and I could definitely make it better.

2. If you were to write a book about your author, what genre would it be???
I'm not much of a writer, so the genre wouldn't even matter seeing as the book wouldn't make any sense. But if I must pick, then Renaissance-type comedy (like Twelfth Night). Don't know why, but I really like books that (in the words of my seventh grade English teacher) "poke fun at everyday life and society."

3. Would you survive in a zombie apocalypse, or would you be eating brains???
Of course I'd survive! But I'd most likely survive by pretending I'm already a zombie, so I would also be eating brains.

4. If you were given control of you story, would you change anything? What and why???
Sure I would. I would change myself, I think. I'm pretty fickle. And I would change my girlfriend's friends. They're really obnoxious, though I'd've never let on about it. Oh, and I would have stopped certain people's entrances, which come up at the most convenient times. Seriously, every time I get Jenna alone someone or something interrupts us. *Cough*Cough* Not that I want to talk to Jenna alone, or anything...

5. Do you ever try to give your author writer's block (don't lie)???
...Yes. *Sheepish Smile* It's just too easy.

Your Blogger's Character,
Zac Sharpe

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