May 07, 2009

Teens Read Week Competition

Did I forget to announce the Teens Read Week competition? Oops! Sorry! Well, today is the first day of the TRW, so I guess it'd still be okay to announce it today.

The contest:
Write a short story, or some introduction to a novel you're writing/wrote.

The rules:
  • Must be under 300 words
  • Must be submitted by May 15th
  • Must be emailed to the email on my profile.
I will be giving away a couple titles. There will be:

Best Story
Best Writer
Best Plot
Most Creative.

Remember the chat tonight, 7:00 pm EST, right here. The password is TRW1

Your Blogger,

1 comment:

Dahlia said...

Ooh, that sounds fun!!! The author of Dust of 100 Dogs (I don't remember her name) recently did a contest to write a story in 100 words or less, and she gave the opening and closing lines, so it was kind of hard but really, really fun! I'll have to see what I can come up with for this. :)