May 08, 2009

Mini-Blog: TRW

Ok, so no one came last night, which is fine, because I myself was late.'s been moved from the seventh to the fourteenth to the eighth to the fifteenth.

Just so you know!

This also pushes the TRW Competition back by one day.

Your Blogger Who REALLY Wants You Guys To Come Tonight,

P.S. It's at 7:00 pm EST and at this URL with the password of TRW1.


Dahlia said...

Is the the chat about Uglies tonight??? Because if it is, I can probably get a few people from Westerblog to come. :)
What time is it at???

Maria said...

I was there yesterday, but too late. I actually thought it started may 8th (which is wut I put on my blog too). Oh well. I'll be there today...since no one came yesterday, may more people would show up tonight? here's hoping =)