May 20, 2009

Curiosity Killed The Cat

You know that saying, curiosity killed the cat? It befuddles me.

How did it kill the cat? It doesn't really specify. I, however, have a few possible scenarios.

Scenario #1

The cat wanted to know what the pipe bomb was there for and went to investigate.

Scenario #2

The cat wanted to know if the dog was sleeping.

Scenario #3

The cat crossed the road to see what was on the other side.

Scenario #4

The cat was curious and wanted to know what Miley Cyrus looked like.

None of these are very probable (except for #4, but where would she get the picture?).

And we all know that THEY use the term to tell US to not be curious. But why? I mean, at the cat probably died in interest and with the thirst of curiosity quenched. If they had died before they knew, then they'd have to come back to find out, and NO ONE wants their pet's soul hanging out in their house. If my pet turtle came back, I'd be dead, because I assume he despises me....yeah, I never really knew how to care for turtles.....Oops!*

So the cat must have at least died interested and happy, which beats dying bored. Who wants THAT to be the last thing (s)he felt??? This would be what they would write on the headstone of the cat would died in boredom.
Mr. Snuggles III

A Beloved, Boring Cat

May He Rest In Boredom

He would be buried with an encyclopedia! About Canadians! It can't get any more boring than that!**

So, I think the meaning of the entire saying is moot point. It just doesn't make any sense and someone totally made it up on the spot. And this is how it came into existence…

Curiosity Killed The Cat
A True Story I Made Up by Nadia Murti


JIMMY: Child with a dead cat.
MOTHER: Mother to Jimmy.

Setting: A 1920s home in America.

At Rise: MOTHER is lighting a fire on the gas stove.

(JIMMY runs to the kitchen.)

JIMMY: Mother, Mother!

MOTHER: What do you want, Jimmy?

JIMMY: I want to see what a decaying body looks like! Like the mummies!

MOTHER: Then go to a museum. Don't bother me! Who do I look like, your mother?

JIMMY: Um, yes.

MOTHER: Oh, about that, you're adopted. (Indifferent)


MOTHER: So, what is this about the dead body?

JIMMY: Well, I want to dig up the Anti-Mr. Snuggles.


JIMMY: Why not? I'm curious! (Whiny voice.)

MOTHER: Well, guess what, that same curiosity killed Anti-Mr. Snuggles. Yup, curiosity killed the cat. And now if you give in to curiosity, you're going to die and we'll have to bury you in the backyard, too!


(JIMMY begins wailing.)


That's how the phrase came into use, because of a woman–who strangely resembled my sister in personality–who didn't feel like letting her kid dig up a cat's body and spoke rashly, not realizing that should might be starting the use of a retarded idiom…how nïave of her!

I hope you enjoyed yet another mini-play that I wrote in about 3 minutes.

Thanks From Your Blogger,

*I have so much respect for the dead.
**No offense to anyone who lives in Canadia***
***Yes, I know it's actually Canada, but Canadia sounds funny!

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