May 21, 2009

Swine Flu Reigns!

You'll never believe where I am right now: Home.

Ok, so maybe you will believe me, but you'll never believe why.

It all started on Monday, when the entire 7th grade was playing bingo in the cafeteria…

Funny, I had just been thinking about how all the swine flu hype had just come and gone like that and how it was ridiculous that everyone thought they were going to get it.

Immediately after this thought, the principal went up over the PA. He was telling us that there was a confirmed case of swine flu. At. My. School.

Once people heard this everyone started yelling and the cafeteria was chaos and everyone was freaked out.

By the end of the day, there were rumors among the students that the teacher who got it gave it to one of her students. None of the adults believed it.

On Tuesday, every adult in my life called to ask me if my school was being closed because they heard about the cases at my school. The school refused to close since we were already 2 weeks behind.

On Wednesday, the principal notified us all that the case we students had been talking about for days had been confirmed on Monday, but had just reached his ears.

On Wednesday, we hear the teachers speaking about a guy in my grade whose mother called to tell the teachers that her son had swine flu. My English teacher even told the class that he did in fact have it.

Three Confirmed Cases and counting.

That same day, the guy who sits next to me in science left school during third period math due to random chills and fevers, chest pain, coughing and sneezing, as well as being tired. This guy sat at lunch with one of the people who had swine flu.

Four Cases

Then, the entire school found out that the teacher who had it in the first place gave it to not only the second case person, but ANOTHER one of her students.

Five Cases

The teacher also gave it to her teacher friend at the school.

There are SIX CASES of swine flu at my school.

So, needless to say, my parents didn't let me go to school today. Apparently, it was the same case with 200 other kids at my school. Including my two best friends who just happened to live a 10 minute walking distance from me... :)

Your Swine Flu (A.K.A. The Spanish Flu of 1918) Fearer,

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Dahlia said...

Six cases?! That's scary. o_o