May 28, 2009

So Bored...

I am very bored. All week, I've been stuck inside the house with nothing to do, since I'm sick. I've played Boomshine (world's best game ever), checked my email, read blogs, read most of How To Be Bad (by the way, I need to find it...), and watched two Scooby Doo marathons. What now?

Any ideas?

Also, sorry for not blogging much lately. My blog juices are low. Is there anything in particular you think I should blog about?

God, how do people do this? I'm telling you right now, I'm going to HATE retirement. My brain is turning to mush! And while this has been a great chance to practice my piano* and write a little, I'm kinda' hating this.

Your Bored Person,


I know, I can't sing.


PlatinumPrincess said...

I think you sing pretty well :)

Dahlia said...

You have an award waiting at my blog! Yay for you! XD
Visit the link below to get it. :)

Holly said...

Dang girl!!

You played that?!?!
That was awesome!

And you sing great ;)