May 03, 2009

Jonas: The Show

Ok, I watched the new show, "Jonas," on Disney Channel a few hours ago. Ready to scoff, I had my arsenal of Oreo's and Diet Coke at the ready. But instead of vomiting the Oreo's out of disgust, I found myself spraying my Coke in laughter.

I felt quite apalled at finding this show funny, but they have some great writers, and it's not super fluffly or unoriginal, and Nick Jonas is a good actor. It may be that I had low expectations, but it was very funny and just...very funny.

Once again, I am revolted to like it, even in the slightest degree, but they have good writers, and ok actors, and Kevin and Joe and Nick are just funny. Like those guys at school that are halarious together, but when they talk to you, you just don't know how to respond. Yeah, like that.

Sorry, don't know if that made sense.

Yeah, I'd say to give it a shot, 'cause it's funny.

Except for the two girls. They're just too much and look like ridiculous morons who are trying WAY too hard.

Your Self-Sickened Blogger,


SimplyShy01 said...

Exactly what I thought! It's great except for Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson, they were obviously trying to hard and they weren't that funny.

Overall, it's a great first episode!

Have a nice day :)!


Dahlia said...

I gave up watching Disney after all their decent cartoons were cancelled. I prefer Toon Disney, some of the old super hero shows are good (specifically, Spectacular Spider-Man, which used to be a Saturday morning cartoon, but ended after, like, two seasons).

missy's storyworld said...

I watched part of the beginning, but didn't stay. I didn't see that much and couldn't even tell you anything that really happened! lol

Glad to know it's good. I may watch it sometime then, if I can catch it.

PlatinumPrincess said...

I completely understand...i don't like the Jonas Sisters-oops-Brothers...but they can be funny....