May 12, 2009

This Week I Have...

This week I have done the following:

1. Done 10 hours of volunteer work.

2. Gotten some serious sunburn while doing this volunteer work.

3. Eaten my body mass in sno-cones during this volunteer work.

4. Played three hours of volley ball and soccer as part of this volunteer work.

5. Yelled at many children during this VW.

6. Had much cotton candy during this VW.

7. Gone to school looking like I was permanently embarrassed.

8. Gotten freaked out about the final testing (which never happens to me) while my teachers were trying to get us to not freak out.

9. Read Suite Scarlett and much of Rebel Angels.

10. Taken parts of the test.

11. Found some great ice cream in the freezer.

12. Relayed all the boring facts of my week to you.

13. Apologized for the boring-ness.

14. Realized that I have yet to apologize.

15. I apologize.

16. Salutations!

Your Blogger,


PlatinumPrincess said...

lol....thats a heck of a lot more than what i've done... I'd die if i would have to do just a fragment of any of that!

missy's storyworld said...

At least you have something to blog about! lol Did you volunteer just because or did you have to for a class? It's not really that boring. More eventful than my week!