November 19, 2010

Awkward Harry Potter Lines

Today was the opening day of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1. So what was I doing? WATCHING OF COURSE!

But before the watching of Harry Potter, there is always the line. It was the 6:30 showing, so I figured there would be a huge line that would start at 2 hours before the show, so I arrived at 4:25.

And stood. And waited.

I think the awkwardness of the situation can be expressed through the texts I sent to the person I was going to see the movie with, who arrived 45 minutes before the show began, and 10 minutes before seating. (I'll change and shorten some texts so, you know, no one identifies and SERIAL KILLS me.)

So read these, and try to imagine the scenario.

Background: I told my friend that I was going to be at the theater in 20 minutes, and she said her parents weren't even home yet. So she asks (at 3:45) when the movie starts.

NADIA: 6:30, but you know how we nerds roll.
NADIA: First in line!!! Being a nerd is awesome.
FRIEND: That's mah gurl, rite ther!!!!
NADIA: Hell yeah!! I look pretty awkward though, I'm also the only one in line. Come quick! I look like a nerd overload! Is there such a thing?
FRIEND: Haha, I'm pretty sure I'm coming in glasses and a lightning blot on my forehead so I don't think I'll help ur image much
NADIA: Haha, please do!!! Well, two visibly awesome nerds is better than one disguised awesome nerd!
NADIA: This is TERRIBLE!! People are coming out of a theater and TALKING about the MOVIE!!!!!
NADIA: Lady just mistook me for a ticket taker, with my lonesomeness.
NADIA: I accidentally confirmed that I was.
FRIEND: Bahahahahahaha, Nadia!!!
NADIA: Yeah...
FRIEND: Oh my god!!!! That's so funny I'm sorry.
NADIA: It's ok. You can just make us look cool, and like we're partying to make up for it. The people working here are congratulating me on being first, and one of them waited for 12 hours for the midnight showing.
FRIEND: Omg, that's inspiring.
NADIA: I know!!!!! I've now become the person to ask about which lines are where.
NADIA: A kid just skipped by yelling about how awesome the movie was going to be, and I smiled, and then I realized he was talking about Megamind. Heh?
NADIA: Just applied makeup in line. Got weird looks.
FRIEND: Lol, tell em u just got accepted to Hogwarts and to leave u alone.
NADIA: Haha, yeah, they won't look at me weird then.
NADIA: Little Kid was going, "Megamind, Megamind! It is ON like donky KONG." He is now repeating that last line repeatedly with different inflections.
NADIA: Please dress nerdy!!
FRIEND: Haha, lemme see...
NADIA: People keep staring!!!
NADIA: {Name} is here too, but she totally blew me off when I said hi, and I KNOW she saw me. JERK.
FRIEND: Throw something at her!!
NADIA: Good idea! I'll throw popcorn at her from our awesome, first-in-line seats! We're gonna cause the Battle of House 10!

So, I think you can see my nerd factor. And how awkward it was.

I mean, I was a one person line for an HOUR. And the front of the line was right in the middle of the hallway, so there was no wall to blend in with.

BUT it was SO worth it. And coincidentally, two of our close, fun friends were also there, so us four shared 3 seats, went to Steak'n'Shake, and had FUN. So, yeah, worth it.

Your Nerdy Blogger,

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