November 20, 2010

Harry Potter 7 The Movie: A Fan's Review

I should start off by saying that I was blown away by movie. In a good way! Oh, and if you don't wan things spoiled, you probably shouldn't read this.

This movie stuck to the book like nothing else. Half of the dialogue can be found in the book (I assume they were making up for HP5). Also, some VERY small details were included, and I loved it!

There were a few funny one liners, at which you will laugh very loudly, because they do bring some momentary comic relief that this dark movie needed.

I really liked how they did:
1. The horcrux
2. The diving below the surface for the sword
3. Godric's Hollow
4. Bathilda and her body, and the snake. (You will probably shriek during this part, but everyone laughs right after it, just like you're on a thrill ride--you know, you get really scared for a second, then laugh as you feel the relief of realizing that it's all fake.)
5. The wedding
6. The attack on the wedding.
7. The Malfoy manor.
8. How they expressed that Harry felt like he'd never known Dumbledore.
9. Bellatrix!
10. The Ministry scenes!
11. Dobby :'( (Really, everyone in the theater was crying. His death was a tear wrencher.)

But a couple of things I have to nitpick about...
1. They didn't tell Regulus's story!
2. They didn't say anything about Little Evil Dumbledore
3. They didn't really say much about Dumbledore at all.
4. Mrs. Weasley wasn't trying to stop them from leaving.
5. Remus Lupin didn't ask to join them in order to abandon his child!

But that was a much shorter list than the first.

So GO SEE THE MOVIE! You won't regret it! Plus, this is a CULTURAL MOMENT. IN HISTORY. Do you want to miss a cultural moment in history? I didn't think so.

At least go so that Harry Potter will beat Twilight in the box office.

Your Blogger of Awesome Nerdiness,

P.S. My school is trying to form a Quidditch team, and I'll be joining. (Probably as a chaser.) I love Crimson High.

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