November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Is Weird

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and isn't strange?

First of all, I KNOW there was a year when it was in October, and I kept going, "Guys, isn't Thanksgiving always in November?" and everyone went, "Psht, NO!"

But now it's in November.

So there are two possibilities here:

1. The universe is conspiring against me. This one is rather likely, actually. You see, the Universe and I are not on good terms. (It is completely her fault.) So naturally (pun intended. What? How did you not notice it?), she is screwing around with the holidays to mess with my head. And she's also convinced everyone on Earth that this was completely normal. Oh my! She's done it again, because now you readers are all sitting in your bedrooms, going, "Oh, Nadia. You're crazy. That never happened." But it DID. It DID once take place in October and I know it! The Universe has just brainwashed you into thinking it was always in October to mess with me, and now into believing that it never was to mess with me further. DUH!

2. I confused life with a dream I could've had. Again.

But the first one seriously is more possible. It happens all the time. Remember that one movie, The Forgotten? It came out forever ago, but I remember some alien or something stole all evidence of a woman's daughter from her to see if the woman would still remember her daughter.

OMG! It's not the universe that's screwing with my head--it's ALIENS! Now I'm getting really creeped out and I keep looking over my shoulder, because that was a really freaky movie and I still have the Psycho theme stuck in my head from Halloween.

Ok, there's nothing there. At least, not yet. Dun dun dunnnnnnnn.

Alrighty, I turned on some Wombats music, it's getting better.

But wait! It always happens when you least expect it--aka the happy dancing time, right after the chick finds out that Johnny likes her! So I need to listen to the opposite kind of music! Alright, let's go with the dramatic organ music.

No! This music is acting as a method of foreshadowing! Foreshadowing is the WORST!

This is terrible! The Psycho Aliens That Are Trying To Mess With The Date of Thanksgiving are going to come for me no matter what!


Ok, never mind. Once I wrote that, I realized that these aliens must be pretty lame anyway. No point in being freaked out about it.

Well, I started this post out in order to talk about how relatively scheduled holidays confuse me, but seeing where this has gone, I think I should give that idea up, and just post this one.

But, uh, Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Messed Up Blogger,

P.S. My big sister is cooking the turkey. Let's see how this goes.

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Holly said...

i just realized how much i miss reading your blog (: