November 22, 2010

Diary of A Freshman: Phenomena Solved!

Do you remember that post, Diary of A Freshman: Unexplained Phenomena?

Well, the phenomena isn't explained, but it sure is solved!

You see, that friend ditched me and wouldn't talk to me, so I took the hint. So, I found another lunch table, made new friends, and had fun. I completely forgot about her, and I was pretty happy.

Then she started doing what I used to do--she would walk around aimlessly before, during, and after class, even sometimes during lunch, looking uncomfortable. She would stand around, on the outside of a conversation or circle of people. She was put in my position, but now she's the one trying to get my attention and conversation.

Is it wrong that I'm loving this?

Of course, though I'm not dropping everything to talk to her, or really even making an effort to talk to her, I'm not as mean as she was. She talks to me, I talk back. Most of the time, I try to include her in the conversation. But when I feel like I don't want to continue the conversation any more, I don't. After three years of doing all the work, I feel...powerful. Independent. Free.

Ah, isn't it grand?

So, if you are ever in this situation, you know what to do! And good luck, my darling readers!

And I believe this ties into Freshman Behavior And Sociology--everyone loves a chase./Freshmen have to lose something to appreciate it.

Your Unconstrained Blogger,

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Good for you (:

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