November 30, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: Surprise, Surprise, and Reiteration of Theory #1

P.S.* Posts with heading "Diary of a Freshman" may also be apart of my Something-Part Series Dissecting Freshman Culture, Behavior, and Interaction.

You remember Theory #1, don't you? It was originally everyone loves a chase but I added to/revised it so that it also says Freshmen don't realize what they have until they've lost it.

While most people subconsciously love a chase, I thought of my own actions--I chased for six weeks, then gave up, so to elaborate on Theory #1, everyone loves a chase for a certain amount of time, which may very from situation to situation.

Freshmen don't realize what they have until they lose it--this may apply with everything from cell phones to friends.

And NOW I'm even more confident that this is fact.

I take AP Human Geography, and we were all required to do group projects on a religion, randomly drawn from a hat. I'm Muslim and my friend got Islam as his project subject. We laughed at our luck, I helped him out with getting and understanding the information. He joked about how he would slyly just ask me to give him all the information as he presented, and I told him beforehand that if he was ignorant and rude, we couldn't be friends, to which he said, "Got it."

So what did he do? He was ignorant and rude. Needless to say I refused to talk to him after that. (And I was PMSing like crazy, so I told my Muslim friend, so she wouldn't talk to him, and eventually half of math class was mad at him.)

I made it clear that I wouldn't talk to him, so he tried apologizing, but he didn't know what he was apologizing for so I didn't accept it.

Then he defended himself by saying, "I didn't write that slide [of the PowerPoint Presentation from which he read]." However, I had a text from him, sent that morning, stating the opposite. I called him out for lying, and he backtracked and said he copy and pasted the information. Problem was, he also texted that he had had to write a lot--not copy and paste a lot!

Then I almost forgave him. But when I walked into study hall, he had a hat on and was saying "MOHAMMED, MOHAMMED!" with this arms over his head. Then he noticed that I was there.

Obviously, I haven't forgiven him.

So there was me venting about the ignorance of the great populace, here's why it reiterates Theory #1.

While I wasn't talking to him, he would chase me down the hall, and tried to get my attention more than ever. He must've apologized (but not for the right reason) a dozen times. If this had happened with someone whose friendship he didn't value in the least, then he wouldn't have tried to apologize more than once. But, when I stopped talking, walking, and hanging out with him for the 75% percent of the school day that we usually hung out, he realized that I'm awesome and tried to get me back as a friend. Because freshmen don't realize what they've got until it's gone! He didn't care about offending me, but once he realized that he wanted to keep me as a friend, he tried to make up for the affront.

Let's see how his plan goes.

Your Agitated Blogger,

*It stands for Preceding Script.

P.S. To explain WHY I'm so mad at him: My religion is part of who I am, and I can't turn on the radio or go to school without that being attacked by bigots whose main source of information is Fox News. I hardly need that from my friends.
Not only that, but if that's what he thinks about my religion, then that's what he believes about me, and I'm not going to put up or waste my time with someone who thinks I am what he described.

P.P.S. I told him to figure out why I was upset and apologize for THAT. He did, and it was sincere, so he was forgiven. But one more strike and he's out.

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brave chickens said...

It's great that you're trying to make your friend understand what he's done to bother you. Some girls would ignore it for the sake of not coming off as 'uncool'. I honestly can't put up with ignorance, especially when there are so many correct sources of information available (about Islam). :)