November 21, 2010

Diary of A Freshman: 5 Most Odious Things

Everyone has a couple pet peeves. And every freshman has a burning hatred for five things.

5. Busy Work
Listen up, 'cause I've got a news flash. High schoolers are BUSY. So quit it with the ridiculous packets you give us in hope that you'll trick us into thinking you're actually a teacher. We can tell that you're watching Harry Potter on your computer!

4. The Cafeteria
Not sure if you know this, but the cafeteria is no fun. First of all, unless you have first lunch, the cafeteria is disgusting. Second, it's humid in there--the air is weighed down with GREASE. Third, it takes ten minutes to get to your twenty-five minute lunch, because a couple of idiots are hanging around in the most crowded, smallest part of the hallway, and then some jock will push an entire crowd forward, pushing you all onto each other and forcing you forward in a very uncomfortable way. Seriously, it's easier to walk outside the school and enter your cafeteria from another door.

3. Substitute Bus Drivers
They're late, they ruin the route, they manage to ruin the bus's engine after driving for ten seconds, and then have to stop the bus to try to fix it, and after all that, they yell at you as if it's all the riders' fault.

2. Silly Rules
Really, Ms. Tatro? You give us half credit because we wrote 14=X and not X=14? These rules RUIN our GPAs, and are just ways that administrators get to say, "Haha, I have power over you, and there's nothing you can do about it!"

1. An Unqualified Teacher
Everyone hates it when some teacher wastes an hour of their time "teaching" you something, so that the next day he says, "Oops, I taught it incorrectly, here's how you really do it! Ok, here's your test." Or better yet, and this one is real, *Is asked a question* "Uh, well..." *reads entire chapter from textbook* "Um, well, if you guys want to study up on that and then present a lesson to the class, that'd be great. You guys can probably understand, er, explain it better than I can."

These things will inevitably strike sometime in high school, so watch out.

Your Agitated Blogger,

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