August 05, 2010

The Best Things I've Encountered This Summer

I've had a pretty good summer, and here are some of the best things I've encountered this summer.

-Graeters Ice Cream. It's an ice creamery specific to my region. It's so good. In fact, in the last two or three weeks, I've eaten nearly three pints of their ice cream. (One pint belonged to my sister. Shh!)

-'Now We Can See' by The Thermals. It is a great song, especially since it's kinda weird. Not The Shins weird, but more like Modest Mouse weird, except the sound is a bit more mainstream. Anyway, listen.

-Being in a new city, where you know no one, don't speak the language (but are trying to learn via menus and signs), and you don't know the city. It's fun and adventurous! Well, it would've been, but we had my grandma with us, so the adventure pace was kinda slow. In fact, the adventure stopped every 15 minutes for a break.

-'Blogging Breaking Dawn', a weekly blog that mocks Breaking Dawn, chapter by chapter. Dan Bergstein, the king of Sparklife, has been Blogging Twilight for the last 4 books, and it is SO funny. Go here to read them. Sadly, this week's post hasn't been uploaded yet. *Tear* It's like BEDA all over again! *Goes to a quiet corner to cry--I mean, drain herself of body fluids through the eyes so that she can find out what it's like to faint. Yeah, that's better.*

Well, now I'm busy *ahem* trying to faint? So, I'll see you tomorrow.

Your Blogger,

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Dahlia said...

Mmm, ice cream. The last state I lived in had the BEST ice cream place EVER! I didn't like living there much, but I was still kind of sad when we moved just because I wouldn't be able to have that delicious ice cream ever again. :'(