August 16, 2010

Fixing My Sleepy

Ok, I'm trying to stay up all day so that I sleep at nighttime like people are supposed to. I only have one day to fix my sleep cycle, so I need to make it count. Every now and then I'll write a bit more in here to stay awake and to let you hear my crazy sleepy.

12:49:53 PM
Mom just woke me up, even though I set my super loud alarm clock for 10:40 am. But this is an accomplishment, because yesterday, I woke up at 5:28 PM.

12:57:02 PM
Skywire 2!

1:04:33 PM
I'm hungry.

1:06:41 PM
Level 27 is so hard! I can't even get past the third mole!

1:09:45 PM
These Skywire riders must be seriously traumatized. Like, their skywire mates were killed by mechanical monkeys and leaping frogs or eaten by a giant alligator head. I'm sure that once they got off at the checkpoint, the first place they went was to the therapist's office.
SKYWIRE SURVIVOR: ...and the cabin just wouldn't stop, and there was no time, and the frogs leaped! Jimmy fell out, screaming "Why me?" And then the half-robo monkey was MOVING. It CAME for Carmen! Not even her viking hat protected her. *Sobs uncontrollably.*
THERAPIST: *Confused, has no idea what she's talking about.* Why don't you try on this jacket for me. See? It even has a pretty belt.

1:19:18 PM
I am SO hungry!! I should've had more for breakfast.

1:26:07 PM
I am OWNING Anagram Magic!

2:17:45 PM
I accidentally entered Keeperbee instead of Beekeeper. It cost me nine points. I could have won!

3:06:39 PM
Watching a show about the extravagant lives of celebrities. Who can guess the channel? That's right! VH1. It's always VH1.

3:23:59 PM
I get to eat! So happy. :)

3:25:18 PM
That's a good Fruit of The Loom commercial.

3:37:01 PM
Googling Orlando Bloom. So pretty.

3:38:19 PM
TOTALLY SPIES!??? Wait a minute, what's this? This is NOT Totally--never mind it was a commercial. Phew! Whew? Phew.

3:45:27 PM
What? Jerry's mom is EVIL? She's Mr. X? Oh, Mr. X. Disguise. She drank the villain gene? NO!!! She's going to try to kill all those other WHOOP (or WOOHP?) spies? NO!!!! Wait, that was convenient. You'd think the fixings on an evil robot would have some kind screws or something. You know, something that prevent one from being able to access the inside and batteries of the evil robot with one's bare hands. Of course, these spies don't even think of messing up the innards. They just want some power source.

3:52:24 PM
The Fushigi is JUST A BALL!

3:52:52 PM
It worked! Yeah, Jerry's Mom is good again! That was easy! But, oh boomdogle, the Goodifier doesn't work on all those droids stalking WOOHP agents! Let's KILL 'EM. That was convenient too. She just happens to have a bunch of jet packs. Ouch, thrown into Big Ben! Yeah, mirror versus laser thing! It wins somehow! Woo-hoo! That's what I call teamwork! The girls fell into the river, and the first thing Jerry said was, "Oh my! If the girls are down there much longer, they'll run out of oxygen!" which for some reason, I cracked up for about 4 minutes over.
About 3 seconds later, they surfaced.
Ooh! Mega-droid! But never fear! The girls can do it! And they did!
Global evil has been eradicated, so there's no more need for spies, so Clover, Alex, Sam, and Jerry are now retired. Totally Spies! over.
Hell YEAH, I just summarized the series finale!

4:25:31 PM
So much ice cream. More Anagram Magic!

5:21:38 PM
Cramps suck.

7:12:16 PM
Cramps are slightly better. House is quiet. Everyone is asleep. Fixing my sleepy is so hard.

8:07:40 PM
Enough games! I must set out tomorrow's clothes, do 30 sit ups, have dinner, set my alarm clock, brush my teeth, wash my face, and sleep. School is so hard.

8:12:52 PM
WHERE is my soup?!!!

8:50:10 PM

Your Sleepy Blogger,

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