August 22, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: You Have No Choice

There is something I've learned in the past week. It is that if we, as students, don't want to fail, then we have no choice.

By that, I mean that we must bend to our teacher's every whim. So that means I have to get a red, wide rule notebook with pockets, with the words HEALTH WHITE 4 written on the front in black Sharpie, as per my half-deaf teacher's instructions.

Because as it turns out, they mean it when they say that they will not take points for work that was not written with mechanical .07 pencil on 1 cm by 1 cm graph paper.

Why they do this? Maybe they like the power trip, knowing that hundreds of students are currently breaking their backs to do the most ridiculous things. Or maybe they just feel like doing as little work as possible.

My math teacher, when having us grade our work, will not ever give us more than half the answers, because half the answers are on some mysterious page in the back of the textbook. It would take no more than 1 more minute to write down the other answers.

Also, before you buy that kaliedescope of colors in a box, know that most teachers will only take work written in black, blue, or pencil.

So, what you should take away from this is that if Ms. Jameson wants you to chicken dance over the threshold of her classroom, well, good luck making a 4.0 without your dancing shoes on.

Your Irked Student Blogger,

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