August 27, 2010

What Your Facebook Info Page Says About You

Your Facebook Info Page says a lot about you, and as I have been creeping for a week--I mean, not at all--I've noticed that the info page says quite a bit about the person. Here's what your Facebook Info says about you.

-If you only have your family under 'Siblings,' you're normal.
-If you have three or four people under 'Siblings' who are not related to you, you have a tight group of friends, and hang out mainly with those people.
-If you have a million people under siblings, then you are popular, but flighty.

-If you have interests under your Interests title, and they don't involve vampires, you're cool (in my eyes).
-If you have things like "Mustard" and a Bob Marley quote under your interests, well, you're not exactly the smartest cookie on the block.

Profile Picture
Arguably one of the most important things on your profile is your profile picture. It tells what you think of yourself, what you want to show everyone on Facebook, and, as every picture is, it's worth a thousand words.
-You smiling nicely=Normal. Cool.
-Hilarious picture, possibly involving an animal costume=Hilarious, fun, upbeat, be friends.
-Picture that is just showing off their "hot bod"=Stay away. These people are often large sac à douche. Or putains désespérées. (This is all in Frenchlish because I often feel bad about saying bad things. But it's ok in French!) Do not get tangled up with these people. Not in any sense.

So, what does your Facebook profile say about YOU?

Your Normal[-ish], Cool Blogger,

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Holly said...

i really want to see what you think about my profile now (: