August 03, 2010

Why Facebook Kinda Sucks

I got a Facebook account a few months ago, and I've really started to appreciate how terrible Facebook is.

For one, spelling just goes out the window online! Why? No idea. I'm surprised that people really think that when you type in a Facebook status with your face, others will understand that "iimk ,lolcve bsafcfledsx!1"* means " I love waffles!"

I'm sure you've heard this before, but privacy. There's none of it online. By the way, when they say that something is "anonymous," it means that it's anonymous unless someone cares enough to click a button and find out who said they're fat.

There is so little privacy on Facebook, every friend of yours--and let's be real, you hate half the people on your friend list--can see your Wall-To-Wall conversations with anyone! Also, if you've got some casual relationship with someone, there will be the ever present pressure to make it "Facebook official," and that can really weird people out.

On top of that, it will quickly turn you into a creep. I cannot tell you how many hours I have creeped--ahem, that's because I have never creeped on someone before, because I'm a completely normal and sane teenage girl, thank-you-very-much. BUT, if someone was perhaps feeling inquisitive about his or her future classmates, and she--or HE-- would have to do would be to
1. Go to the "[School] Class of [Your Class's Year]" Page.
2. "Like" it.
3. Look at the members and pick a random one of them and click on their name.
4. Read their information, interests, quotes, sports, Wall, see their profile pictures, look at their bumper stickers, and so on until you get a feel for their personality.
*Ahem* At least, that's how I imagine creeping would be done. But I wouldn't know. Because I've never done that before.


Also, anything you say can turn into a digital bucketful of drama. Or a bucketful of digital drama. Ooh, I've got it! A gigabyte of digital drama! Yes! That's the one!

So, that is why Facebook kinda sucks, and if you have any other reasons, leave your Crazy Little Thought in the comments.

"That's not why. You just hate it 'cause you don't have many friends on there!" the annoying reader puts in.

Annoying, if you don't shut up, I will feed you to the DigiKraken!
I respond without mercy.

*The obnoxious reader pees his pants and quietly retreats.*

Your Blogger,

*I really did type that with my face.

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