August 02, 2010

Diary of A Freshman Pt. 2: Orientation

Today was my freshman orientation. What's that? Why, I'd be be happy to share some tips!

Nobody asked you anything, says the annoying reader.

SHUT UP! I reply.

Some things you really need to know when you go to orientation:
1. You will probably not have many classes with your friends.
2. You will probably need extra money for things like sweatshirts and PE uniforms.
3. You will have to get all your heavy textbooks and lug them around, so prepare your arms for the weight, or break out your old sling so that people will look at your crippled self, feel sorry, and carry your books for you.
4. The agendas will no longer have funny facts in them (I was heartbroken when I found out).
5. LISTEN TO DIRECTIONS AT ORIENTATION (or you will get lost and none of your information).
5. If a woman with a short hair stands a half inch away from you to talk to you, take a slow step backwards. Because they're not joking around. They're just crazy.
6. DON'T get there late!
7. Most people will sit in the back of the auditorium at the orientation talk.
8. Don't trust all the signs.
9. They will most likely mess up your schedule, but don't freak out, it's usually easy to fix, and can be fixed that day.
10. Never take an honors class. Learn something in an advanced class. Also, people in advanced classes are smart and awesome.

My orientation was confusing (I missed the part where the teacher said where to get your schedule, and by the time I found it, there was a HUGE line.

I also missed the table where they give you your agenda, so I had to go back at the end, walking against the grain with a huge stack of books that I was trying to hold with one arm.

My sister introduced me to a few of her old teachers, and they're all kind of strange. Whatever, at least they don't hate me!

Your Almost Freshman,

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