August 12, 2010


Alright, it's Thursday today, which means it's the first day of Ramadan! Well, for me anyway. The rest of the world started on Wednesday. Why? Because you tell if Ramadan is going to start the next day or the day after by looking at the moon, because Ramadan is a month in the lunar calendar. But, in my region of the US, we couldn't even see the moon, so we figured it started on Thursday. Well, it didn't, so I already have a day of fasting to make up later in the year.

Now, it seems that most people I know don't know much about Ramadan, or even Islam--but I guess I can't criticize, I still don't know where the Easter bunny comes in--so let me educate you.

When we fast, we wake up at around 5 am, start eating and drinking a lot of things, go back to sleep to be passed out till 2 (in my case), and we can't eat or drink anything at all, no gum, no medicine (but if you're sick, then stop fasting), NOTHING until sunset, which this year, is around 8:40 pm.

Yeah, that's right. We can't eat a thing for 15 hours!

Man, I wish Ramadan was in November this year. 8 hour days!

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