August 18, 2010

Diary of A Freshman: First Day

Today, I had my first ever day of high school. I learned some very valuable lessons. Wanna hear? Of COURSE you do! And I have block scheduling, so I had TWO first days, which means no one else is more qualified to tell you about the first day of high school.

Well, I suggest you make a map. Or at the very least, tour your school before the first day, because otherwise, you WILL get lost.

The first number of the room number is the floor!

Don't be afraid to ask the teachers where a room is. That's why they're hanging around the outside of their classroom. Don't ask upperclassmen. They will not answer. Only ask an upperclassman if you know them.

Do follow the signs! Much of the time, there are signs or plaques reading things like ROOMS 300-310 -> Look for them! They help SO much!

Do not forget to bring your lunch to lunch. It makes you look kind of weird. Also, if you try to go back to your class to get to your backpack which has your lunch in it, don't even try. The classroom will be locked. On your way back down, remember that the cafeteria is in the right wing, RIGHT of the main stairwell. Not left. It will take you to the gyms, AKA Smelltown, AKA the other side of the building. Firsthand knowledge here, people.

Do bring paper, pencils, and an accordion folder.

Find a buddy! If you know you have your next class with someone, stick to them, and together SEARCH.

If you're taking a level 2 language class, brush up on your language. You will have to speak it on the first day.

Be prepared to have homework, yes, even after the first day.

If you have a class, like study hall, with a lot of upperclassmen, don't freak out. Just try to befriend some sophomores, or become the kid in the corner who uses his or her time wisely.

If you're 10 minutes late to your class after lunch because you had accidentally been looking for class on the wrong floor, don't say so upon eventual arrival to class.

Talk to new people that seem normal. If that's hard for you, then find an old friend who has other friends, and meet people through him or her.

If you have Health in 235B, and your friend has AP Human Geography in 235A, then look together for this mysterious classroom that no one (even teachers) knows the location of. Ask the creepy kid in the corner. He'll know.
So, search with your friend, find a large group of people in the auditorium, find creepy stairs behind a door in the back of the auditorium, climb all those stairs, go through a door, and you've found 235B, Health! But what about your friend who is supposed to take AP Human Geography? Well, see that door in the back of the room? It leads to another classroom, which opens into the hall.
That happened to me. Exactly like that. I was the one with Health.

Yes, it is ok to say, "Is this Computer Applications for Freshmen?" upon finding what you think is your classroom. It is not ok if the room's teacher is talking.

Do all the homework given immediately!

Do save a seat for a friend you know will be in your class. Even a new friend. It's a good way to pave a path to friendship, or even just lab partners.

Quietly laughing and making fun of the teacher's antics can quickly bond table mates.

At most high schools, most people don't use their lockers, unless they are in the absolutely best position.

There are some of the best tips you'll hear, and I've got some French homework, so until next time...

Your Freshie Blogger,

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