April 26, 2009

Mini-Blog: The Shop And The Splash Award

Oh no...Linda's going back to THE SHOP! What are they going to do to her??? She had better not have amnesia when she gets back (A.K.A. The computer should have ALL its memory when it gets back!)

I got two new books yesterday. I got A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray and Ophelia by a person. The latter is about Ophelia from Hamlet. Don't know why, but I have been going crazy with the Shakespeare adaptations. First Something Rotten, then Saving Juliet, and now Ophelia. But of course, I'm going to have to read Macbeth first, seeing as I've already started it. But now I have motivation to finish it--If I finish it, I can start on my other books.

Sorry, bu
t I'm all out of Blog-Awesome today.

Your BEDA Blogger,


I was given the "Splash Award" recently by Dahlia from DahliasEclecticMind.Blogspot.Com. Thanks!

I was asked to pass it on, and so I will.

By now, we should all know the routine.

1. Give credit where credit is due. (Check)

2. Post picture. (Check)

3. List up to 9 other blogs to give this award to.

Here's who I'm giving this to:

Holly (The Real Gallagher Girl)
Chrissy (Twilight Girl)

Congrats, you guys!

(If I didn't list you, it's probably because I'm pretty sure you already have one.)

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