April 24, 2009

Lepuprechauns And Vampires: A History: Part 2

Where I left off, The Vampiress had just murdered The King of The Lepuprechauns, who was also her love, and she took his brooch, in which he stored all The Irish Power for all the Lepuprechauns.

The Civil War was going on at the time. After the brooch was taken, the Puprechauns and Leprechauns suddenly knew something had gone wrong--the brooch had been stolen. To help matters, the King had been found dead, and the Kingdom all suspected the Vampiress. From then on, all Lepuprechauns hated Vampires, but the Leprechauns hated them in a more noticeable way.

The Lepuprechauns, already turned against each other because of the cross-breeding and Civil War, could not agree about how to deal with the loss of power. Some thought that they should just sit back and do nothing and adapt. Others thought that they should march over to the Vampirian Empire and demand for the brooch back and cause havoc by sacking the city and burning the crops, and so on. The rest of them thought they should sneakily steal it back.

In general, the Puprechauns thought they should stealthily steal it back, and the Leprechauns believed they should ransack the Empire like the Crusaders in Constantinople (of course, the Crusaders wouldn't come for about another 400 years. But they initially got the idea from the Leprechauns which many of them secretly believed in, which ends up being fine because, from reading this, we all know they're real).

This argument may have escalated the Civil War problem, but they had no ammo, a.k.a. Magic. None of them wanted to stoop to the level of humans and kill each other in battle. A few Leprechauns and Puprechauns who cared far too much murdered one another, but only 15 died this way.

In the end, the Civil War was no longer Civil. No, they weren't rude. The Leprechauns and Puprechauns separated into separate Kingdoms. By 716 C.E., the Lepuprechaun Kingdom was no more.

Depending on how you looked at it, it might have made things much worse. In addition to the bitterness they already possessed, this created a rivalry. The competition was to see who could get the Irish Power back first. No one was sure if the Irish Power would return to just the party that got it, or all the Lepuprechauns. No, they were not sure, but neither side was willing to take chances.

The Puprechauns eventually mastered the ability to completely morph into puppies, kind of like how Early Man mastered the ability to speak. Puprechauns saw that sometimes Vampires attracted attention, the way people seemed to mysteriously disappear once they moved to town. Puprechauns knew that the Vampires were aware of this. Through careful observation, they noticed that Vampires often took puppies and dogs from the streets to have instead of people. So, the Puprechauns, being able to take the shape of a dog, pretended to be dogs so that they would be able to get into the Vampire's house. They hoped to see the brooch on a coffee table, or something similar like that. Needless to say, they never saw it. The Puprechauns would jump away and bolt when the Vampire tried to eat them.

The Leprechauns started wearing red rather than green. They believed that being covered in the color of their favorite food--blood--would entice them to come close enough for the Leprechauns to cut their throats.

As if to add to the list of problems on the Lepuprechaunian Plate of Plight, loss of the Irish Power had also taken their immortality, so both Kingdoms' populations were decreasing rapidly.

It was a time of turmoil for these two Kingdoms, both alike in goal and dignity in fair Ireland where we lay our setting.*

To this day, the Leprechauns and Puprechauns compete to see who can get the power first. To this day, the Vampiress who was forced to kill the love of her life lives eternally with the burden on her shoulders and a reminder on her neck, driven insane by guilt. To this day, the Vampire Empire thrives while the Leprechaun and Puprechaun Kingdoms barely stay afloat, no magic left.

Interesting stuff, eh?

From Your Historian of a BEDA Blogger,

*I really hope you all know what that's from.

P.S. How do you think I did with that?


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