April 11, 2009

Do Before You Die

Here is a great Do Before You Die List many can relate to, and that does not include anything that will be the last thing you do before you die (Exp: riding a roller coaster. If you don't think that merits as "the last thing you do," read this).

The Do Before You Die List

1. Publish a novel

2. Study Abroad

3. Rent a castle in Ireland

4. Crash an AWESOME party

5. Speak in a fake British accent for an entire month to see if you can get away with it.

6. Go a week with PURPLE HAIR!

7. Sneak backstage

8. Get a part in a movie--any part.

9. Start that thing where you do something nice for someone else, then they have to do something nice for someone else, and so forth.

10. Join BEDA, NaNoWriMo, or Script Frenzy

12. Learn a language or four

13. Start noticing things, like how I totally skipped number 11 right there.

14. Overcome a fear.

15. Dare to suck.

Isn't that much better than riding the Dragster, or something equally as ridiculous and dangerous? This is a list of awesome things. Awesome things that only awesome people do. I mean, what non-awesome person doesn't speak in a fake British accent? None of them! You got to be a real nerdfighter* to do the things on this list. Anyone can ride a roller coaster! (However you might not come out a) alive, or b) with dry pants.)

Ok, that's it.

I know, that was kinda' a lame post.

Your Bored BEDA Blogger,

*Nerdfighter: Someone who is completely made of awesome and enjoys decreasing world suck(-itude).


Dahlia said...

Riding a roller coaster could fall under #14 for some people (not me).

Something else to do before you die: rescue a dog from a shelter/pound. :) I love dogs!

SimplyShy01 said...

Awesome! My 'Do Before You Die' list is different, though.

Have a nice day :)!


P.S. I set my blog to private and from now on, whenever I update my blog, I'll leave a comment about it.