April 15, 2009

Soccer Game Recap and BEDA Buddies

I just want to tell you about the soccer game I had today.

First, we were kinda' sucking and clumping up. In the first half it was 2-0 to the other team. The referee called for half time at the exact moment the ball (kicked from across the field) landed at my feet. Grr!

In the second half we scored five--count em', FIVE-- goals. None made by me since I'm defender, sometimes sweep.

But here's a really good part--I was extremely aggressive. I think that's a good thing, since our couch wants us to be more aggressive. But in addition to constantly colliding with people (sometimes on purpose), I tried to push this one girl to the side, but she ended up falling face-down, and sliding a little bit forward. She cried. I don't know how I feel about that...

My dad and sister kept yelling at me to do this and that, which was kinda' embarrassing. It was FREEZING! I lost feeling in my fingers.

So we won 5-2 against a varsity team (I'm JV), and I made a girl cry.

Also, about the BEDA buddies. If you sign up for Ning, the go to the "BEDA Buddies" forum, tell about yourself, and Maureen and this dude named Jordon will match us up together with BEDA buddies. So you should sign up! Actually, you can sign up any time in April. But you have to post your reply in the "BEDA Buddies" forum by Thursday night. So do!

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Dahlia said...

I remember when I played soccer and all the parents yelled at the players from the sidelines, telling them what to do. I always thought it was annoying, especially when someone's parent would walk out onto the field (how embarrassing. Luckily, my parents never did that).
Ah, good times, gooood times...