April 27, 2009

So Out Of Awesome

I'm feeling very out of awesome today, I can only use this computer for another fifteen minutes, I have a soccer match today, but we're still in BEDA.

So, to make this post not a total waste of time, I'll post this one play I wrote last semester. Everyone loved it!

Rules Given For This Piece:
My teacher said that the play must follow the following guidlines:
It must take place in an elevator.
It cannot take longer than three minutes.
There may only be three characters, tops.
It must have all three parts of Froy's Triangle (or something).
Must be a SCRIPT.

Here it is, and I hope you like it!

Blind Love
By Nadia


ABBY: Blind, in love with JACQUES.
JACQUES: Mime, in love with ABBY.

SETTING: An elevator in an apartment building.

At Rise: A man dressed as a mime and a woman with a cane are walking into an elevator.

ABBY: Which floor was it again?

(JACQUES puts up four fingers in front of her face.)

ABBY: Oh, yeah, sorry. I think it was...four. (ABBY’S hand is pointing at a button. Her hand moves around in front of the panel, trying to blindly select the right one. She then begins to press all the buttons. When JACQUES sees her about to press the emergency button, he grabs her around the wrist. ABBY kicks JACQUES in the knee.) AAAHHH! Mugger! JACQUES, help! Help!

(JACQUES holds both of ABBY’S wrists and covers her mouth.)

ABBY:(Muffled) Jacques? Is that you? If it is, let me go.

(JACQUES lets ABBY go.)

ABBY: I’m sorry I kicked you. I couldn’t…see you...or hear you. (Five-second pause where ABBY “looks” at the floor and JACQUES looks at ABBY. BOTH are expressions of longing and sadness.) Oh, Jacques...how will this work out? I’m starting to think that maybe it won’t. (Sad sigh.) I think it’s time for us to go our separate ways.

(JACQUES’S eyes grow theatrically large. He shakes his head as if to clear it.)

(The elevator doors ring and open.)

ABBY: Goodbye forever, darling. (Solemn expression. Tears in her glassy eyes.)

(ABBY turns and walks out of the elevator, bumping into the wall on the way.)

(JACQUES’S knees buckle as he watches ABBY leave. His jaw drops.)

JACQUES: Abby! Wait! (Yells. Arms open.)

(ABBY turns around immediately and runs towards him. JACQUES notices that she is running towards the space beside him. He moves to the left so she doesn’t run into the wall.)

ABBY: I knew it! I knew you’d speak! (Shouting. ABBY runs into JACQUES and hugs him around the head, then moves her arms to his neck.) Oh, Jacques. Thank you. (Whisper.)

JACQUES: It was just a fifteen-year vow of silence. No big deal. (Light chuckle. Pause.) It was worth it.

The End

Did you like it?

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