April 16, 2009

I Like Animals...They Just Don't Like Me

I like animals very much, I really do. But they don't like me. If you don't believe that animals don't like me, then let me tell you of all the instances in which animals have shown their hatred towards me.

Let's begin.

The Dog-It chased me into my backyard and tried to bite my ankle, but I yelled for help and my mom opened a door and let me inside (I was coming home from school).

The Llamas-Four of them cornered me into a fence. They were tall and I was six!

The Camels-It spit in my eyes repeatedly

The Emoos-They surrounded the car I was in so that I couldn't get out. Then later, then poked me in the back.

The Cow-It pushed me down.

The Rabbits-They kept trying to poop on my foot.

The Horse-I tried to feed it an apple but it wouldn't take any!

The Tiger-See my "Why I Hate Tigger" story.

The Chickens-They chased me and pecked at my ankles!

The Birds-They chased me

The Turtle-It died to get away from me.

The Ants-The crawled into my jeans when I was little, and I've been afraid those scuttling little abrupt-moving legs ever since (so that counts spiders).

Animals DESPISE me! And any time I'm walking in my neighborhood all the dogs come outside to chase me--no exaggeration.

WHY DO THEY HATE ME??? So far, the only animal that has yet to express its animosity for me have been the cats.

I love you, kitties.

Your Animal-Hated BEDA Blogger,


SimplyShy01 said...

Wow. At least cats/kittens like you!

Have a nice day :)!


Dahlia said...

That's so sad! I would be so upset if animals didn't like me (not saying they like me a lot, but they certainly don't hate me).

I wouldn't worry about camels too much. Everyone says camels are mean.

missy's storyworld said...

Yikes! Sounds like some bad experiences.

I have a hard time with big dogs (I like the small ones MUCH better) because one about knocked me over when I was younger and totally frightened me. Most other animals, I think, are ok.