April 19, 2009

Derby Fesitval

I live in a town in Northern Kentucky/Southern Indiana. You've never heard of it unless you've heard of the Derby Horse Race, which you probably have.

So I live in the city where Derby takes place, and the Derby Festival has just started. Yesterday it kicked off with Thunder Over (Name of My City), which is the second biggest firework show in the world (second to China). It can be seen from SPACE, no joke. It was pretty amazing and lots of fun, and here's a few picture of it I found on the internet. If I can get the video that we took of it on my computer, I'll post some of it (not all of it, though! It's half an hour!)

PICTURES!This picture shows the fireworks on the Indiana side of the Ohio River
Mostly taken of the fireworks that came off the Kentucky-Indiana Bridge.
Oooh! Pretty Colors!
Sparks are falling off the bridge like a waterfall. My favorite part!
The Bridge and Kentucky Side of the river (Thunder Over ___ takes place on the river)


My favorite part though, may be this:
_____ was a pedestrian city for one day! It made me so happy! Another thing about that was that this year, my family got tickets and enjoyed it on this one boat, The Belle of ________. This way, my cousins and sisters and I all got to sit down, and use the camera to zoom in on a) people we thought we knew, b) good-looking guys, and c) Creepers In The Crowd.

So although I hate Derby, it has its good parts, like
-Thunder Over ______
-My town gets the day off for Derby (Yay!), and
-The town is flooded with celebrities on Derby Day (my sister's friend once got Usher's autograph).

So...yeah. My town rocks.

Your BEDA Blogger,


SimplyShy01 said...

I didn't know you lived there! I've heard of the Derby Horse Race, before. It looks pretty and sounds like a place that people have serious have!

Have a nice day :)!


Nadia Murti said...

Serious fun?
Ha! I wish! In this town, here's what you do for fun:
Go to the mall
Go to the movies
Go to Six Flags
Go to Thunder over _____.

There are only so many times one can do these things.

PlatinumPrincess said...

i loved the fireworks pictures...i just found your blog today...and in the descriptoin it said that you cant stand not being able to read...well...i'm currently writing a bok about orphans becoming mutants in a freak incident and then finding out that they aren't alone and i was wondering if you'd like to see excrpts that i could post on my blog...again loved the fireworks, the 4th of july fire works where i live dont even compare to those!

missy's storyworld said...

Sounds like fun! Those fireworks are beautiful.

You know, your list (in your comment) sounds a lot like around where I live too. Mostly I go shopping (or browsing) at the mall and see movies with my friends. It does get old.

SimplyShy01 said...

I have a new blog post!