April 12, 2009

Hannah Montana: The Movie

Alright, for you, my great readers, I will do the unbearable: I will watch the Hannah Montana Movie.

Plus, my mom is making me watch my little sister while she sees it.

So I am going to watch, then come home and make all my snarky little comments about it. If it's in small font, then it's a possible spoiler.

Snarky Comments And Why I Say Them:

Some weird music video for Best of Both Worlds.
Um...what the crap. That video sucks, it makes no sense, the song makes my ears bleed, and you look like a moron.

Every cared more about Hannah than Lilly at Lilly's 16th birthday party.
Ha ha! No one likes you! You're worthless, especially next to your best friend, and the world hates you!

Bad acting, and you're a brat, Hannah.

They were singing something really country.
Why are they all do southern?

Enter "Loralie".
Why does that actress come up every where?

"You might be Hannah Montana in California, but here it's dirt and grit and you're just Miley Stewart, and if you have a problem with that, then LEAVE."
Wow, what a kind Grandmother. Also, way to yell that secret in the crowded Farmers' Market.

Miley just released about 2,000 walnuts onto the ground from the back of someone's truck.
That's considerate.

The paparazzi was British.
They so did that on purpose.

We saw Travis.
Man, he's hot. Good pick, Miley.

Miley sang.
Why does your voice suck so much??

The "Hoedown Throw Down" came up.

Miley was like, "Dad, why do you make your relationships so complicated? You like each other, so get together!"
Last time I checked, you thought it betrayed your mother for him to like anyone else, or to date, so you need to make up your mind, because your mood swings are giving us whiplash.

Travis said, "You lied to me!" when he found out who she is.
Dude, she can't tell every guy she goes out with her biggest secret. Of course, you'd say you're different, but who says that they're the same, then again?

There was a little girl.

"It's okay that you showed that you're Miley onstage. There are no cameras. This TOWN won't tell anyone. You can still be Hannah!"
And there I was, so optimistic, hoping that that movie meant the end of the series. By the boulevard, what is the probability that no one will ever find out about that?

Over all, the movie was a 6/10. It was much better than the series and the acting, writing, and cinematography was much better. It was much better than the other movie I saw today, "The Knowing". Guess how it ended: ALIENS! The writers definitely took the easy way out.

Your BEDA Blogger,

P.S. Do you think I'm running low on snark today?


SimplyShy01 said...

I definitly agree! The movie didn't look good at all.

Have a nice day :)!


Dahlia said...

I feel so bad for you! Watching an annoying, talentless brat with an identity crisis is the worst kind of torture known to man, in my opinion. Like, worse than Chinese Water Torture. D:
I'm glad to see you lived through it. You should get an award. ;)