April 25, 2009

My Plans For Dictatorship

As we all know, Santa stole my dictatorship blue prints. But, I'm not just going to give up! I made more, better plans!

And I just know you'd love to hear about them, right? Right. So here's me giving you a sneak peak of the future/our regime.

Sadie;-) and I* will be the two co-Dictators. Everyone's gotta have someone to help them out, and Sadie is SO not going to turn on me. If anyone's going to turn against anyone, it'll be me against her, not because I'm not cool like that, but because I'll be so on the lookout for potential murderers, I'll think EVERYONE is out to get me. I'll be the new Othello**. So, Sadie, be careful.

She has a friend who wants to be world dictator. She will be made General of our army. I hope she will do a good job.

Of course, we'll need to have people in the army, and that's where the Puprechauns come in. Instead of money, we'll have to just pay them in killing the Vampires off in their name, so Vampy, it's nothing personal, but...

Sadie has another friend who thinks she's already world dictator, so we shall overthrow her, then give her a job to placate her. It will be a job that sounds like it has power, but really doesn't. It is called the Law Editor. She will look at the written law, then fix all the loopholes in it. Of course, in case she tries to leave some loophole for her benefit, we will have a top-secret second Law Editor to look at it after her. So really, her job is useless.

Sadie has another friend who is a blackbelt. She will be our Secret Service. But this one is actually going to be secret. The Secret Service is ridiculously conspicuous. If she ever gets hurt protecting us, or something though, we have a back-up plan. I have a friend who is a...whatever comes before blackbelt (and she is getting her blackbelt next month) in Tai Quon Do (sorry if I misspelled that), and she will fill in.

We also have two advisers. I just happen to know two someones who'd be delighted to be an advisor, and she'd make a very good one, at that!

Chrissy, a.k.a. Twilight Girl at Twilight Girl's Stuff, wants to be our secretary, because she believes this will earn her immunity--NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just turned midnight! I technically didn't blog today!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's all pretend I did, shall we???--...we'll see if she's right.

Lastly, and most importantly, our name will be Cobra. It's from G.I. Joe, the show. You like? Or course, we're also playing around with Nadie and Sadia, but I think Cobra is a winner.


Your Dictator BEDA Blogger,

*We met on Ning.

**Sorry for all the recent Shakespeare references.

P.S. Thank you, Dahlia, for the tip. I used it, and it says it's on the 25th now!

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Dahlia said...

You know, you can change the time at the bottom of the post so it looks like you posted it yesterday. Hehehe. :D