April 04, 2009

Why "Maggie And The Ferocious Beast" Scares Me

You all know the kids' show, Maggie And The Ferocious Beast, right? Watch this to jog your memory:

Maggie And The Ferocious Beast Theme Song

I have a thing with that show. You see, it kinda' scares me. It's another small phobia of mine. Also, the show makes me very sad, especially when I put myself in the head of Maggie. I think I'll tell you why now.

First, it is A FEROCIOUS BEAST. I know it was meant not to be ferocious, but what it said in the title, I believed. I thought THAT was ferocious, therefore was appropriately scared.

Second, they were in the middle of Nowhere Land. How scary is that?! It's just a deep, dark abyss where nothing makes sense and no one can be reached for you are in no where, and you are no one. They're just in the middle of no where. There's nothing to aspire to, no where to go, there's just nothing. It's an overwhelming concept.

Third, and I believe lastly, Maggie is carrying such a wait on her shoulders. Do you see this girl? She is a five year old girl, and the only responsible one. It looks like she has to take care of Beast and Hamilton (the pig). And if anything goes wrong, although they don't say it, it's because of Maggie, because she's supposed to be the responsible one. Also, going back to the second reason, it's a five year old girl in the middle of no where. Where are her parents? Where is anyone? These are most definitely things she's got to be asking. I wonder why they dumped her in the middle of no where. I wonder where Nowhere Land is (probably my town). Yes, all these things Maggie would be enough to drive one crazy. But no, she keeps her cool. That is why she has made my Admirable Females List as well as being my favorite children's show character. But just because I like Maggie doesn't mean I'm not frightened by that show. I know the writer intended none of this, but that is the hidden meaning behind her character, I think...even if it wasn't purposely hidden.

That is why Maggie And The Ferocious Beast scares me.

Am I weird?

Your Crazy BEDA Blogger,


Dahlia said...

Ah, the eternal question in cartoons: where are their parents?

SimplyShy01 said...

Lol, I can see how that may be scary.

I'd be freaked out living with a ferocious beast in the middle of no where.

Have a nice day :)!


missy's storyworld said...

I don't remember that show, but it does sound scary for a kid's show!

And as Dahlia said, Where are their parents?

Mickey Paraskevas said...

well having created this show with my mother..we certainly didn't intend to scare anyone..and most people find it rather peaceful..it's just a fantasy of a little kid...have a nice day...